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I want comments to help us along. Doesnt matter if they are good or bad, WE WANT THEM!!!!

We should be on iTunes now, workign on the RSS feed for this site. Atom works

A comment about Mage: It's a different game. It meshes with the nWoD. The Arcana are more balanced than the Sphere system, the Rote and Improvised system allows uniform casting, the Mana system makes Quintessence more usable to every character... in other words, it's a full-system overhaul and upgrade. The back story is a bit weak... but look at the new Vampire and Werewolf games. History in the nWoD is much more vague (Caine? Who's that? Who's this Gaia person? ) in all the game lines. The new system more than holds it's own. It doesn't help your opinions that your sidekick hadn't even more than skimmed the book.

Also, I started noticing that you said: "I liked it better in the old World of Darkness" a lot. Guess what? It's dead. It's a dead game, with an ended story. It's over, gone and never coming back. Unless you plan on ending up like the dinosaurs playing AD&D, you had best put the past behind you and learn to love the characters, places and concepts of the new games.

(I'm not a Camarilla member, but I do play WW games often, and am a member of the Moderated games on the WW site)

The thing about Mortals 'Societies' or Global Settings Organizations (GSOs) and really everything in the NWOD Mortals venue is created entirely by Cam members. White Wolf itself does not support the development of the Mortals Game. That is why none of the Secret Societies appear in the official White Wolf books.

Brendan P Sullivan

>White Wolf itself does not support
> the development of the Mortals Game.

WW doesnt support a game they make?

White Wolf Publishing it self does not in fact make 'Mortals'.
White Wolf only allows the Camarilla to use the basic NWOD setting and systems as the basis for the Mortals Venue. So they don't make it, they don't have anyone in Development or any of their other departments working on it. All the rules, settings information, etc. for the Mortals Venue is created exclusivly by Cam Club members. If you look at any of the Mortals settings documents the only credited authors are Cam members (ie the AAMST Settings: Mortals and her staff), everything I have seen seems to say 'We (that is White Wolf) have no responsibility for this material. It's all done by the Cam.' Infact there are several references to the fact that the Settings Organizations and most of the settings information is created 'in house' by the Cam if you look on the Official venue web site. (http://camarilla.white-wolf.com/MST/mortals/)

-Brendan P Sullivan

I'd suggest dropping the Cam angle and becoming a generic White Wolf podcast - your first two 'casts weren't all that Cam specific, and you'd appeal to a broader audience. Also, maybe have different themes each night (e.g. a werewolf: the forsaken special) You could do a talkback section perhaps as well?)

We are new, and still learning the rops. There will be more Cam stuff in it

we will have specials, but they take a little more work

Excitedly waiting the next broadcast... good stuff!

this game is stupid get a new one

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